How to Dress Down a Suit

July 3, 2019
How to Dress Down a Suit

A well-fitting suit is a versatile article of clothing that can be manipulated to meet the dress code of a variety of events.

Contemporary suits are evolving and becoming more than just uncomfortable, stuffy 9-5 work attire. Nowadays, they serve as versatile after-hours wear and are seen as “cool” as opposed to “obligatory”.

There are a few simple ways to dress down your suit to ensure that you are more comfortable and casual, without sacrificing even the slightest bit of style.

Loosen the Tie, or Just Lose It

If you’re wearing a traditional necktie, just loosen the knot. If it’s a bowtie, loosen it and simply have the tie draped around your neck. And better yet, lose the tie all together, and be sure to undo the top one or two buttons to achieve a laid-back, yet fashionable look. Your usual crisp dress shirt will look no less striking on its own beneath a suit jacket and going tie-less instantly suggests a more casual, easygoing mood.

Focus on your Footwear

You can opt for something more laid-back like loafers or oxfords, instead of traditional dress shoes. If you want to push the envelope, add some minimalistic sneakers; the most common choices are typically something retro, notably Converse or Vans.

Pair it with Something Less Formal

Instead of wearing the usual dress shirt, grab a v-neck, a crewneck t-shirt, a trim polo or sports shirt. Preferably, with the right size shirt, you can leave it untucked, and the color should also complement your suit jacket and pants.

Incorporate a Printed Shirt

Skip the neckwear and go for a printed shirt, and you’ll look eye-catchingly nonchalant. Choose something with a more daring pattern or color or switch up the material to casualwear fabrics like jersey, chambray or denim.

Make some Minor Adjustments

A popular style that has been developed recently, is suit pants that fall above the ankle bone, paired with shoes and no socks. You can create an ankle-bearing hem by simply rolling your pant legs once, making sure the cuff is even, and stepping into a casual pair of comfortable shoes.

Ditch the Belt

If your trousers fit correctly, you don’t need a belt. Save it for the office. This is the right time to ditch the formal frills like the tie, pocket square and belt, in favor of your own accessories. An interesting piece of jewelry or pair of sunglasses adds an effortless, off-duty cool to the outfit.

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