How to Look Zoom Smart

January 9, 2021
How to Look Zoom Smart

Work dress code has drastically altered during COVID-19. With all of us working remotely and heavily relying on virtual video conferencing as the ultimate way to connect with our colleagues, the zoom shirt and jacket has become eminent to look presentable & zoom smart.

A long sleeve button down is definitely worth the investment. These shirts are easy to dress up or down. Spending time to dress up and changing into a button down makes you energised and helps you stay productive during the day. A navy colour is easy to throw on, looks fashionable and conveys respect to others.

Sport a fun printed design such as leaves, stripes or even birds. These elements can bring your personal style forward and can help you feel relaxed and calmer during a conference call. A bright white or blue shirt with collarless neckline feels less traditional and more elegant as well.

A solid colour jacket is the easiest way to add a professional touch. It makes you look more in control and helps you lead the conference easily. Its luxurious and classic, gives you more dimension and helps you claim authority.

Use colours like cream or beige, they make you look fresh and sophisticated. These colours are great to avoid blending in with the background as well. Neutral colours make you look more authentic and trustworthy and is perfect to sharpen your zoom appearance and stand out.

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