Our Process

Initial Consultation

First you will be introduced to our client services. They will spend some time with you to learn about your styles and preferences and show you what’s on offer. They will show you the different bespoke styles and the wide range of exclusive fabrics you could choose from.

Your unique pattern

You will then be introduced to the master cutter who will use his measuring methods and learn about your posture and look to accentuate your best features. This will help him cut a pattern made as per your measurements which will be saved for all your future suit requirements.


Be it your jacket, shirt, waistcoat, trouser, skirt, this is the time where you can customize every little detail as per your liking. You will be shown a variety of options such as thread colours, linings, buttons, designs, cuts, and a lot more.

Conversations about these details can be as wide – ranging or as simple as you like.


This will be a roughly stitched suit put together so the master can see how well it works on you. Alterations are made and a second fitting is decided accordingly. There may be more fittings required at times, but generally our team is able to finish a suit within the first two fittings.

Judicious Follow up

Our service doesn’t stop once the delivery is done. A team member will be in touch with you after a few weeks to ensure the suit is working well for you and if there are any further alterations required. Moreover, on successful completion and delivery of your garments, your measurements and specifications are permanently stored in our system for future reference. This helps us minimize the lead time for repeat orders.

Kachins Dubai
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